IT8837 - Video Amplifier With Y-C Mixer


IT8837 is a high performance, low voltage, low power consumption video amplifier with Y/C mixer and 75Ω driver and 12dB gain. The Y signal is clamped input, while the C signal is biased input. The build-in clamp circuit can restore composite video signal to set DC level. Only small capacitor is required for AC-coupled input. The output can be configured as AC or DC-coupled output. With AC-coupled, SAG correction can reduce output coupling capacitance size. With DC-coupled, it can remove large output coupling capacitors and save board space and cost. It is low voltage and low power consumption suitable for portable device.


  • Operating voltage 2.8V ~ 5.5V

  • Internal clamp circuit

  • 12dB amplifier, 75Ω driver circuit

  • Y-input: Clamp; C-input: Bias

  • AC or DC-coupled output

  • SAG correction reduce output capacitance

  • Low stand-by current at power save mode

  • MSOP 8-pin package



Technology Information:

  Data Sheet

  Package: MSOP-8


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