IT2010 - 2.5W Mono Filterless Class-D Audio Power Amplifier


The IT2010 is a high efficiency mono filterless class-D audio amplifier which can deliver maximum 2.5W RMS power to 4Ω load with 5.5V supply in a Bridge Tied Load (BTL) configuration. Fully differential design and internally generated 300kHz switching frequency make IT2010 cost saving. With more than 86% efficiency and very low shutdown current, it increases the battery lifetime and lowers the junction temperature.

The IT2010 contains Over Current and Over Temperature Protection, preventing IT2010 from damages of short current and overheating. It also features good THD+N and self gain-adjusting depop scheme, achieving high sound quality.

The high performance, low cost characteristics make IT2010 well suitable for cellular phones, portable electronic devices, PDAs, smart phones and portable computers.



  • Filterless Capability

  • Maximum Battery Life and Minimum Heat

  • Up to 86% Efficiency

    3.2mA Quiescent Current (VDD=5V)

    < 0.5uA Shutdown Current

  • Fully Differential Design Eliminates Two Input Coupling Capacitors

  • Internally Generated 300k-Hz Switching Frequency Eliminates Capacitor and Resistor

    2.5V to 5.5V Wide Supply Voltage Range

  • Ultra-Low Distortion: 0.025% THD+N at Po=1W and 8Ω Load

  • Large Output Power Capability: 2W with 4Ω Load and THD<1%

  • Self Gain-adjusting Depop Mechanism

  • External Gain Configuration Capability

  • OCP (Over Current Protection)

  • OTP (Over Temperature Protection)



Technology Information:

  Data Sheet

  Package: WCSP-9


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