IT1611 - High-Efficiency 40V 1.2A DC/DC LED Driver


IT1611 is a high efficiency, constant current, DC/DC converter and can be used for buck and boost application circuit. With the supply voltage source of 40V, this converter can drive up to 8 LEDs (depending on its forward voltage drop) connected in series. The maximum output current of IT1611 can be configured by an external resistor, and LED dimming can be controlled through DIM pin by using either a DC voltage or a PWM signal at DIM pin. IT1611 employs hysteretic control scheme without any compen- sation components, thus very fast load transient response can be achieved. Moreover, the exposed pad of MSOP-8L package enhances the thermal dissipation so that large driving current can be handled.



  • Up to 1.2A constant current output

  • Better than 5% current accuracy

  • Wide 6V to 40V operating input range

  • 95% Efficiency @ VIN=15V, 350mA, 4-LED

  • Lightening up to 8 LEDs in series

  • PWM/DC input dimming control

  • Built-in soft-start / under voltage lock-out / LED open/short circuit protection functions

  • Only 4 external components required

  • Available in MSOP-8 and SOT89-5L with thermal PAD



Technology Information:

  Data Sheet

  Package: MSOP-8



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