IT1501 - 16-channel PWM-embedded LED driver


IT1501 is designed for LED video applications using internal Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control with 16-bit color depth. IT1501 features a 16-bit shift register which converts serial input data into each pixel gray scale of output port. At IT1501 output port, sixteen regulated current ports are designed to provide uniform and constant current sinks for driving LEDs with a wide range of Vf variations. The output current can be preset through an external resistor. Besides, the preset current of IT1501 can be further programmed to 256 gain steps for LED global brightness adjustment.


  • Backward compatible with IT1401/IT1402 in package

  • 16-bit color depth PWM control

  • 16 constant-current output channels

  • PWM technology to improve refresh rate

  • Open/Short-circuit Detection to detect individual LED errors

  • Over temperature warning & protection

  • 8-bit programmable output current gain

  • Constant output current range:

  • 5~60mA at 3.3V supply voltage

    5~80mA at 5.0V supply voltage

  • Output current accuracy:

  • Between channels : <±1.5% (typ.), between ICs: <±3% (typ.)

  • Staggered output delay

  • Schmitt trigger input

  • Maximum data clock frequency: 25MHz

  • 3.0V-5.5V supply voltage



Technology Information:

  Data Sheet

  Package: TSSOP24




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